Membership Fees

LIMITED TIME OFFER – For just £20 you can be a member of NABAS for the remainder of 2017, and enjoy all the perks and benefits that being a member of NABAS brings. Please contact the office to discuss 01989 762 204

Sole Traders, Partnerships, Firms

(For companies operating as Retailers and Decorators, and individuals providing NABAS approved training)

Paid as an annual lump sum: = £160.00

Monthly Payments: = £30.00 For the 1st Month including admin fee & from then on £15.00 per month continuous, for a minimum of 12 months.

Simply start a paypal subscription (click the subscribe button below) and complete the online application and your membership will be processed by the office. Once accepted your membership will continue for as long as you keep up the monthly payments (minimum one year).

Service Providers – Full

(All Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Printers, Distributors & Importers automatically join as Full Members)

Paid as an annual lump sum: = £300.80