1st birthday Mr Smiley.jpg
1st birthday Mr Smiley.jpg
1st foil- hearts.jpg
air filled 2.jpg
Disney princess display.jpg
twins 1st birthday.jpg
baby shower blue.jpg
Blue christening displays.jpg
Hattie 1.jpg
pink display with deco.jpg
Two pink decos.jpg
personalised new baby.jpg
5 tier 50.jpg
30th Deco display.jpg
50th foils 1.jpg
Amelias 18th 1.jpg
mum foils.jpg
birthday tree.jpg
bubble gum displays 1.jpg
Cassie's first birthday.jpg
Thomas Tank set.jpg
3' christening oliver.jpg
Baby shower table dec.jpg
Christening May.jpg
Erins balloons.jpg
Lola 1.jpg
Stephs baby shower 2.jpg
30th gold 2.jpg
50th Deco anniversary.jpg
90th pink 3.jpg
90th pink 5.jpg
confetti displays.jpg
30 purple display.jpg
90th pink 7.jpg
80th bubble.jpg
ican ucan5.jpg
Baby Shower package 3.jpg
Blue confetti 3.jpg
Molly 6.jpg
spring hoop 1.jpg
Teddy 3.jpg
20 in feather 3.jpg
50 bubbles 7.jpg
60 purple 1.jpg
black and chrome.jpg
Bar Lane 6.jpg
Bridesmaids 4.jpg
Chrome connie 5.jpg
confetti 11 inch.jpg
rose, lilac, cream 1.jpg
Gold table decor 1.jpg
Lindsey 30th.jpg
Love script 1.jpg
Metalic diamonds 1.jpg
Rose gold 21.jpg
Mr & Mrs.jpg
Ryans 30th blue 1.jpg
Rik 30 1.jpg
She - bubbles 1.jpg
Silver glitter deco 4.jpg
White feathers 2.jpg
supper heros 18.jpg
High Meadows Bromley Cross Bolton BL7 9AS
High Meadows Bolton BL7 9AS GB

We are a small family run business, offering a good quality & friendly service at competitive prices. If you are planning a special event – Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Christening, Baby Shower, then let us help.
Members of and trained by The Balloon Association (NABAS) qualified trainers and Qualatex Approved Instructors we aim to offer bespoke packages for all.

We are based in Bromley Cross, Bolton and offer local deliver (subject to availability)

supper heros 18.jpg 4 months ago
Silver glitter deco 4.jpg 4 months ago
White feathers 2.jpg 4 months ago
Metalic diamonds 1.jpg 4 months ago
Rose gold 21.jpg 4 months ago
Mr & Mrs.jpg 4 months ago
Ryans 30th blue 1.jpg 4 months ago
Rik 30 1.jpg 4 months ago
She - bubbles 1.jpg 4 months ago
confetti 11 inch.jpg 4 months ago
rose, lilac, cream 1.jpg 4 months ago
Gold table decor 1.jpg 4 months ago
Lindsey 30th.jpg 4 months ago
Love script 1.jpg 4 months ago
Bridesmaids 4.jpg 4 months ago
Chrome connie 5.jpg 4 months ago
20 in feather 3.jpg 4 months ago
50 bubbles 7.jpg 4 months ago
60 purple 1.jpg 4 months ago
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