NABAS Event 2015


18th & 19th OCTOBER 2015
Knebworth Barns, Knebworth 

They said it couldn't be done, some laughed at us, and in fact some wanted us to fail!  Well not only did our NABAS event go ahead, it was a great success, and we are already working on our 2016 Extravaganza.
From my prospective I've made some great new friends, and new business contacts which I know wouldn't have come about had it not been for our event.  Orders have been placed, and we will be launching some of these new products exclusively to NABAS members in the next few months.   I can't stress the importance of us all supporting our organisation, and the huge benefits doing so will bring.  I sincerely hope that you will join us in 2016 for what promises to be a truly special event.  I would appreciate an initial email from all of you, to:  with just with ONE WORD: NORTH... SOUTH.. Or.. MIDLANDS.  We will be building your event around you, and we are willing to take it to wherever the majority want it to be!
I also want to make one very important point Crystal Clear.  A couple of attendees believe we shouldn't have included balloons from a certain manufacturer, as they don't support NABAS and didn't support our event.  You all need to understand we are an Independent association ran by the members for the members.  As the only Independent Trade Association, we have to be unbiased, open and honest with our members, and allow you to make the choices that work best for your business. Although my company (and others), may be far from happy with what certain manufacturers are doing to our industry, when we have our NABAS hat on, our focus has to be on serving you the members, and being seen to be a professional, balanced and neutral association.  
I sincerely believe you currently have the makings of the best committee you have ever had.  There is no political squabbling, no unfair manufacturer influence and no ulterior motives or hidden agendas.  I sincerely urge you to support your organisation, learn new skills and network with independent businesses in your industry, because we now need each other more than ever!
There will of course be a full report in our December newsletter, but I just wanted to personally thank all those that truly made this happen.  That includes the NABAS back office, the committee, the trainers, the exhibitors and of course our delegates.  If there is anything you would like to discuss or areas of improvement you would like to see us make, please contact NABAS, or feel free to email me at any time at .
Thank you all, I sincerely look forward to continuing on our journey together.
George Oustayiannis
NABAS Chairman