congrat arch.jpg
congrat arch.jpg
Personalised Arch
Wedding Table Balloon Display.JPG
Happy Birthday Balloon Arch.JPG
Betty Boop cluster
Cheerup Greeting
Exploding champagne
Wedding Day
Personalised Post Box
Shop opening
3ft balloon Mickey Mouse 1.JPG
Personalised Wedding box
Table dressing
Holiday Inn Wedding 4.JPG
18th Balloon Bouquet.JPG
70th Birthday Balloons 1.jpg
Zachs Christening 1 (1).jpg
Engagement statement piece
Wedding Fayre
Cloud Nine Balloons.JPG
Floating Flower Balloon.JPG
Jake 1.JPG
4 Victoria Avenue Moss Bank St Helens WA11 7BU
4 Victoria Avenue Saint Helens WA11 7BU GB

Party Peace Balloons is primarily a balloon decorating business, however, we can provide a venue dressing service with personalised items to add that personal touch to your venue.

3ft balloon Mickey Mouse 1.JPG 3 months ago
Personalised Arch 3 months ago
Holiday Inn Wedding 4.JPG 3 months ago
18th Balloon Bouquet.JPG 3 months ago
Exploding champagne 3 months ago
Engagement statement piece 3 months ago
70th Birthday Balloons 1.jpg 3 months ago
congrat arch.jpg 3 months ago
Happy Birthday Balloon Arch.JPG 3 months ago
Betty Boop cluster 3 months ago
Personalised Post Box 3 months ago
Floating Flower Balloon.JPG 3 months ago
Wedding Table Balloon Display.JPG 3 months ago
Personalised Wedding box 3 months ago
Wedding Fayre 3 months ago
Wedding Day 3 months ago
Table dressing 3 months ago
Zachs Christening 1 (1).jpg 3 months ago
Jake 1.JPG 3 months ago
Christening 3 months ago
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